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AARON HALL: Small Town Fighter Headed to the Big time

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Aaron Hall of RUSH MMA       Here at FIGHTCLUB we are constantly searching for the best new regional talent in MMA. One of our main goals is to showcase fighters that are a standout in the crowd, and are well on their way to the big shows.  This month, we want to bring to you a guy who immediately caught our eye earlier this year at Wild Bill’s Fight Night when he demolished the UFC’s Junie Browning. I’m talking about Macon’s very own,  Aaron Hall.   After a few phone calls, I arranged for Aaron to come on down to the FIGHTCLUB photo studios for a photo shoot, and maybe dig deeper into this guy’s history, see what he’s about, and spread the word to our readers.

Aaron showed up at the studios, and the first thing I noticed was this dude is really nice, and polite, and not at all like the animal he was in the ring tearing apart poor Junie just days ago.  The next thing I noticed, is that he didn’t bring any gear to shoot in!  “Awe, man!  I didn’t even think about that” he exclaimed.  No worries... I gave him some wraps, and threw him the smallest TapouT board shorts I had, and yes,  I am a fat-ass so they were a little big on him, but it was all good.

       We began to chat, and Aaron started to tell me that he lives in Macon, but he actually grew up in the Green Meadows section of town.  I asked him how he got into MMA, and he said, “Kind of by accident.”  How? I replied. “ Well about 3 years ago I started to train and workout at RUSH MMA,  just to stay in shape and stay fit.  I hooked up with a trainer, Bubby Mitchell, I started working with him, and doing classes and stuff.  Eventually over time,  Bubby comes to me and asks if I ever thought about competing, you know, maybe fighting full time?  He thought I had the tools to do it, and at that point in my life I didn’t really have a career, and had worked the usual restaurant jobs for awhile, so I decided to go for it.”

       Hmmm, I thought, this guy must really have been a standout from the very beginning.  At this point I have Aaron dressed to fight, and ready to shoot, so I show him his spot to stand, and give him a few pointers on what to do.  As I snap a few shots off, it’s clear to me that Aaron Hall is pretty serious when it comes to his career, and he has no problem looking like a serious badass for the camera.  “I’m getting good shots” I exclaimed, and Hall cracks a smile as I show him a few previews of the images on my camera.  “I’ve never done a photo shoot before, so I have no idea what to do” says Hall. “You’re doin’ great” I replied.  

       I noticed a tattoo on his stomach and it says “HOG Life”.  I ask him about it and he says “ It stands for Hooked On God.”  Cool. “I try to be a positive person in life, and religion is definitely a big part of who I am.  Back down in Macon, we have a whole group of us, the Hog Mob, and we help out the kids and do whatever we can to spread a positive message.”

       As we finish up our shoot, I wonder to myself  if Junie Browning new the meaning behind the Hog Life tattoo as he was getting his face re-arranged by Mr. Hall?  Probably not, but he surely must’ve thanked god when the fight was finally over.  Keep your eye out for Aaron Hall, this kid is going places, watch out for him fighting this June in the Bellator Fighting Championships on FSN, and try and catch one of his fights in the local circuit while you still can.  


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